Second Fleet Ships and Passengers

Lady Juliana





Lady Juliana

Acton, Sarah (convict)
Anderson, Mary (convict)
Anstey, Mary Ann (convict)
Arnold, Mary (convict)
Atkins, Violetta (convict)
Atkinson, Mary Ann (convict)
Ayres, Elizabeth (convict)
Barnes, Elizabeth (convict)
Barnsley, Elizabeth (convict)
Barry, Ann (convict)
Bateman, Mary (convict)
Beach, Mary (convict)
Bolton, Hannah alias Moore (convict)
Bone, Ann (convict)
Brady, Ann (convict)
Bray, Susannah (convict)
Brooks, Ann (convict)
Brooks, Jane (convict)
Brown, Elizabeth (convict)
Brown, Grace (convict)
Brown, Sarah Sophia Ann (convict)
Butler, Mary (convict)
Carter, Elizabeth (convict)
Carter, Margaret (convict)
Carter, Sarah (convict)
Cavenaugh, Mary (convict)
Chafey, Mary (convict)
Chaplin, Mary (convict)
Christmas, Mary (convict)
Clapton, Ann (convict)
Clayton, Mary (convict)
Cotterel, Elizabeth (convict)
Curtis, Esther (convict)
Daniels, Martha (convict)
Davis/Davison, Mary (convict)
Davis, Mary (convict)
Dawson, Jane (convict)
Dawson, Mary (convict)
Donald, Eleanor (convict)
Dorset, Sarah (convict)
Dowling, Mary (convict)
Emmes, Ann (convict)
Farrell, Elizabeth (convict)
Fitzpatrick, Rose (convict)
Flannegan, Mary (convict)
Forbes, Ann (convict)
Gale, Elizabeth (convict)
Galland, Ann (convict)
Gee, Hannah (convict)
Gibson, Ann (convict)
Giles, Elizabeth (convict)
Gittos, Mary (convict)
Goldsmith, Elizabeth (convict)
Gomer, Sarah (convict)
Goslin, Elizabeth (convict)
Graham, Sarah (convict)
Hager, Ann (convict)
Hannaway, Ann (convict)
Hardiman, Ann (convict)
Harding, Amelia (convict)
Hardyman, Elizabeth (convict)
Haynes, Alice (convict)
Henderson, Elizabeth (convict)
Heyland, Catherine (convict)
Higgins, Mary (convict)
Hoddy, Rachael (convict)
Holloway, Elizabeth (convict)
Hook, Mary (convict)
Hopper, Elizabeth (convict)
Hounsett, Mary (convict)
House, Sarah (convict)
Housum, Catherine (convict)
Howard, Ann (convict)
Israel, Maria (convict)
Ivemay, Elizabeth (convict)
Johnson, Elizabeth (convict)
Johnson, Mary (convict)
Johnson, Matilda (convict)
Jones, Ann (convict)
Jones, Elizabeth (convict)
Jones, Elizabeth (convict)
Jones, Lydia (convict)
Jones, Mary (convict)
Jones, Mary (convict)
Jones, Sarah (convict)
Kelly, Sarah (convict)
Kemp, Ann (convict)
Kimes, Mary (convict)
Leicester, Elizabeth (convict)
Lewis, Mary (convict)
Lloyd, Jane (convict)
Maddox, Grace (convict)
Manson, Isabella (convict)
Marsh, Charlotte (convict)
Metcalf, Elizabeth (convict)
Michael, Sarah (convict)
Middlesex, Elizabeth Price (convict)
Morgan, Anne (convict)
Morgan, Margaret (convict)
Mullender, Mary (convict)
Nash, Mary (convict)
Oakley, Mary (convict)
Parry/Perry, Elizabeth (convict)
Pardoe/Barlow, Mary (convict)
Pardoe/Barlow/Scott, Ann (convict's child - born at sea)
Pealing, Hannah (convict)
Pennington, Elizabeth (convict)
Pickett, Sussanah (convict)
Powell, Edward (ship's crew)
Randall, Mary (convict)
Reid, Mary (convict)
Roberts, Sarah (convict)
Robinson, Elizabeth (convict)
Rock, Ann (convict)
Roster, Elizabeth (convict)
Rowney, Hannah (convict)
Scott, Edward (ship's crew)
Sanders, Jane (convict)
Shakespear, Elizabeth (convict)
Simpson, Charlotte (convict)
Simpson, Mary (convict)
Smith, Elizabeth (convict)
Smith, Elizabeth (convict)
Smith, Mary (convict)
Smith, Sarah (convict)
Song, Mary (convict)
Steel, Ann (convict)
Steel, Elizabeth (convict)
Stewart, Mary (convict)
Stewart, Susannah (convict)
Sulley, Elizabeth (convict)
Sutton, Sarah (convict)
Syons, Sarah (convict)
Talbot, Dorcas (convict)
Talbot, Mary (convict)
Taylor, Sarah (convict)
Thomas, Ann (convict)
Thompson, Jane (convict)
Thompson, Mary (convict)
Thornton, Esther (convict)
Tuck, Mary (convict)
Turner, Rachael (convict)
Vandebus, Jane (convict)
Wade, Mary Ann (convict)
Walker, Mary (convict)
Warren, Mary (convict)
Waters, Jane (convict)
Watson, Elizabeth (convict)
Wheeler, Ann (convict)
Whiting, Jane (convict)
Whittaker, Jane (convict)
Williams, Jane (convict)
Williams, Mary (convict)
Williams, Phoebe (convict)
Wilson, Mary (convict)
Wilson, Sarah (convict)
Winspear, Mary (convict)
Wishaw, Elizabeth (convict)
Wood, Ann (convict)
Young, Ann (convict)



Bootle, John (convict)
Bray, John (marine)
Browne, Kezia (convict)
Charlton, William (marine)
Dell, Matthew (convict)
Cross, Charles (convict)
Flood, Rose Hannah (convict)
Gott, Eleanor/Ellen (convict)
Hannaway, Ann (convict)
Heather, Thomas alias Eather, Thomas (convict)
Llewellyn, Joseph (marine)
Llewellyn, Mary (marine's family)
Martin, Mary (convict)
Martin, Mary (convict)
McNamara, Nicholas (convict)
Paddle/Patfield, George (convict)
Palmer, John (marine)
Rymes, Elizabeth (convict)
Smith, Sarah (convict)
Upton, Thomas (convict)
Wells, John (convict)
White, Ann (convict)



Abbot, Edward (marine officer)
Adams, William (convict)
Cobcroft, John Frederick (convict)
Collins, Thomas (convict)
Griffiths, Jonathan (convict)
Hodgetts, Thomas (convict)
Riley, Edward (convict)
Robinson, Richard John (convict)
Turner, Mark (convict)



Dell, John (marine)
Gosport/Gosper, Thomas Roker (convict)
Soare/Soar, John (convict)
Weavers, James (convict)
Wentworth, D'Arcy (marine officer)
Yardley, William (convict)


Second Fleet convicts not yet assigned to their ships

Abbott, William (convict)
Adams, George (convict)
Aiken, John (convict)
Alder, William (convict)
Allam, Francis (convict)
Allen, George (convict)
Allen, Richard (convict)
Allen, Samuel (convict)
Allen, Samuel (convict)
Allen, Thomas (convict)
Allen, William (convict)
Allen, William (convict)
Allen, William (convict)
Allington, John (convict)
Alsop, William (convict)
Alsworth, Peter (convict)
Ambler, Benjamin (convict)
Ambrose, Thomas (convict)
Amor, William (convict)
Anderson, John (convict)
Antony, Mary (convict)
Arbell, Thomas (convict)
Archer, William (convict)
Aris, William (convict)
Arlott, Solomon (convict)
Arne, John (convict)
Arnold, Richard (convict)
Aspinall, William (convict)
Aspland, Alexander (convict)
Asser, Henry (convict)
Atherton, John (convict)
Atkins, William (convict)
Atwell, Edward (convict)
Atwood, John (convict)
Austin, William (convict)
Bacon, Henry (convict)
Badlife, John (convict)
Bagley, John (convict)
Bailey, Thomas (convict)
Baker, Ann (convict)
Baker, Elizabeth (convict)
Baker, James (convict)
Baker, William (convict)
Barber, John (convict)
Barnard, Thomas (convict)
Barnes, John (convict)
Barnes, John (convict)
Barnes, Samuel Robert (convict)
Barnes, William (convict)
Barnett, Isaac (convict)
Barnett, Martha (convict)
Barnicoat, James (convict)
Barnsley, Thomas (convict)
Barrah, Uriel (convict)
Barrett, Jonathan (convict)
Bartholomew, Isaac (convict)
Bartlett, Richard (convict)
Bassett, William (convict)
Bateman, John (convict)
Bateman, Thomas (convict)
Bateman, William (convict)
Bates, Martha (convict)
Bates, Thomas (convict)
Bather, Mary (convict)
Batty, John (convict)
Bead, William (convict)
Beadle, Thomas (convict)
Beale, James (convict)
Becket, James (convict)
Beilby, Elizabeth (convict)
Beldam, Samuel (convict)
Bell, Adam (convict)
Bell, John (convict)
Benson, John (convict)
Berry, Thomas (convict)
Bicknell, John (convict)
Biddle, Henry (convict)
Bince, Robert (convict)
Birch, William (convict)
Bird, George (convict)
Blackman, James (convict)
Blagbourn, James (convict)
Blake, Richard (convict)
Bland, John (convict)
Blount, William (convict)
Bloxwich, Joseph (convict)
Blundell, John (convict)
Bockerah, Solomon (convict)
Boize, Abraham (convict)
Bolgin, John (convict)
Boliks, William (convict)
Bolton, Peter (convict)
Bond, John (convict)
Bond, Mary (convict)
Bono, Philip (convict)
Bornham, John (convict)
Botham, John (convict)
Boxley, John (convict)
Bradburn, John (convict)
Bradley, Betty (convict)
Bradshaw, John (convict)
Branchflower, James (convict)
Bransley, William (convict)
Bray, Susannah (convict)
Bray, Thomas (convict)
Briant, Michael (convict)
Brickman, Benjamin (convict)
Brion, Anthony (convict)
Bristow, John (convict)
Broad, Cornelius (convict)
Broom, Samuel (convict)
Brotherhead, Joseph
Brown, Henry (convict)
Brown, James (convict)
Brown, John (convict)
Brown, John (convict)
Brown, Martha (convict)
Brown, Mary (convict)
Brown, William (convict)
Broydon, Scot (convict)
Bruce, John (convict)
Bruce, William (convict)
Brucker, James (convict)
Bruin, John (convict)
Buckeridge, Peter (convict)
Buckles, Robert (convict)
Buggs, Samuel (convict)
Burcham, Ormond (convict)
Burgys, William (convict)
Burman, Richard (convict)
Burn, John (convict)
Burrows, Cornelius (convict)
Burt, Samuel (convict)
Burton, George (convict)
Burton, James (convict)
Burton, Robert (convict)
Bushell, Paul (convict)
Butler, Joseph (convict)
Butler, Mary (convict)
Butterworth, John (convict)
Butterworth, Thomas (convict)
Butts, William (convict)
Bysell, Robert (convict)
Cairns, Marty (convict)
Callahan, Margaret (convict)
Callow, Josiah (convict)
Campbell, Arthur (convict)
Cardiss, William (convict)
Carey, Ann (convict)
Carpenter, John (convict)
Carr, Susan (convict)
Carroll, George (convict)
Carter, Elizabeth (convict)
Carter, John (convict)
Carter, John (convict)
Carter, Thomas (convict)
Cartwright, William (convict)
Carty, John (convict)
Cash, George (convict)
Cashmore, John (convict)
Caspell, William (convict)
Chadderton, Mary (convict)
Chambers, Daniel (convict)
Chandler, Thomas (convict)
Chandler, William (convict)
Chant, Joseph (convict)
Chapman, James (convict)
Charles, David (convict)
Charlton, William (convict)
Chear, Richard (convict)
Chell, Richard (convict)
Cheshire, Thomas (convict)
Chester, Samuel (convict)
Child, George (convict)
Chipperham, Rebecca (convict)
Chitty, George (convict)
Chopey, Thomas (convict)
Churches, Samuel (convict)
Churchman, William (convict)
Clarke, Mary (convict)
Clarke, Thomas (convict)
Cleaver, James (convict)
Coates, James (convict)
Cock, Aaron (convict)
Cocutt, Ann (convict)
Codd, Jane (convict)
Coe, Alexander (convict)
Coldwell, Thomas (convict)
Cole, Richard (convict)
Cole, Robert (convict)
Colebrook, Thomas (convict)
Coleman, Charles (convict)
Coleman, William (convict)
College, Thomas (convict)
Collier, Peter (convict)
Collier, Thomas (convict)
Collins, Daniel (convict)
Collins, Daniel (convict)
Collins, Edward (convict)
Collins, John (convict)
Collins, Thomas (convict)
Cone, Henry (convict)
Congdon, John (convict)
Connaway, George (convict)
Conner, John (convict)
Conner, Michael (convict)
Connor, Daniel (convict)
Connor, Patrick (convict)
Constable, William (convict)
Cook, John (convict)
Cook, William (convict)
Cooksey, Mary (convict)
Cooley, Samuel (convict)
Coombes, William (convict)
Coope, John (convict)
Cooper, Edward (convict)
Cornish, Charles (convict)
Couch, Edward (convict)
Couch, William (convict)
Court, James (convict)
Cousins, Mary (convict)
Cowling, Samuel (convict)
Cox, John (convict)
Cox, Moses (convict)
Cox, William (convict)
Cragg, Mary (convict)
Crampton, John (convict)
Crawford, John (convict)
Crawther, Edward (convict)
Cromer, Benjamin (convict)
Crowe, John (convict)
Crowley, Catherine (convict)
Crowson, William (convict)
Cullimbine, Samuel (convict)
Cully, James (convict)
Cumpstone, John (convict)
Cunningham, James (convict)
Currey, Joseph (convict)
Dakin, Daniel (convict)
Dale, Rosamond (convict)
Dandy, John (convict)
Daves, David (convict)
David, Lewis (convict)
Davies, Thomas (convict)
Davies, William Philip (convict)
Davis, Benjamin (convict)
Davis, David (convict)
Davis, Elizabeth (convict)
Davis, John (convict)
Davis, John (convict)
Davis, John (convict)
Davis, John (convict)
Davis, Thomas (convict)
Davis, William (convict)
Davison, James (convict)
Daws, Thomas (convict)
Dawson, James (convict)
Dawson, John (convict)
Delbridge, William (convict)
Dell, Elizabeth (convict)
Den, Isaac (convict)
Desmont, Mary (convict)
Dickenson, Richard (convict)
Digby, John (convict)
Dillion, Thomas (convict)
Dixon, James (convict)
Dixon, Peter (convict)
Dod, James (convict)
Donaigh, Mary (convict)
Donald, Hugh (convict)
Donald, William (convict)
Donald, William (convict)
Donnovan, Mary (convict)
Doran, William (convict)
Dore, Simon (convict)
Doubleday, William (convict)
Dourben, David (convict)
Dovey, William (convict)
Driver, John (convict)
Drury, Elizabeth (convict)
Dudley, John (convict)
Duff, John (convict)
Duncan, James (convict)
Dunford, William (convict)
Dunnovan, Michael (convict)
Dunstan, George (convict)
Dunstone, Benjamin (convict)
Durham, John (convict)
Dyer, John (convict)
Dyer, Joseph (convict)
Eastly, William (convict)
Eaton, John (convict)
Eaves, Christopher (convict)
Eddington, John (convict)
Edwards, Daniel (convict)
Edwards, Daniel (convict)
Edwards, Jane (convict)
Edwards, Samuel (convict)
Edwards, Thomas (convict)
Elkington, Charles (convict)
Elley, Jane (convict)
Elliot, Isaac (convict)
Ellison, George (convict)
Elwell, Daniel (convict)
Elwen, William (convict)
Evans, Edward (convict)
Evans, Francis (convict)
Evans, John (convict)
Evans, John (convict)
Evans, John (convict)
Evans, Sarah (convict)
Evans, William (convict)
Everard, Janus (convict)
Ewards, John (convict)
Ewards, Joseph (convict)
Eyles, John (convict)
Faircloth, William (convict)
Falconer, Alexander (convict)
Farmer, Isaac (convict)
Farr, James (convict)
Farrendean, Thomas (convict)
Fay, Ann (convict)
Fenwell, Robert (convict)
Fibbs, William (convict)
Fish, John (convict)
Fisher, Thomas (convict)
Fiske, Thomas (convict)
Flannagan, Hugh (convict)
Flannagan, Mary (convict)
Flaxmore, Francis (convict)
Fletcher, Charles (convict)
Fletcher, George (convict)
Floyd, William (convict)
Fonseca, Henry (convict)
Forber, William Phillip (convict)
Forst, Mary (convict)
Fortescue, William (convict)
Freebody, Leon (convict)
Freeman, Richard (convict)
French, Thomas (convict)
Fry, John (convict)
Fudge, Henry (convict)
Fuller, John (convict)
Fulwell, Thomas (convict)
Furze, Daniel (convict)
Gamble, John (convict)
Gantley, John (convict)
Gardner, Daniel (convict)
Gartside, Benjamin (convict)
Gay, Michael (convict)
Geary, Thomas (convict)
Gelaspee, Thomas (convict)
Gent, Michael (convict)
George, Charles (convict)
George, Richard (convict)
Gerwalt, John (convict)
Gibbons, Matthew (convict)
Gill, Amelia (convict)
Gillies, Peter (convict)
Girdler, Henry (convict)
Gledhill, William (convict)
Glover, Henry (convict)
Glover, William (convict)
Gloves, Thomas (convict)
Goddard, Thomas (convict)
Godwin, Elizabeth (convict)
Gogay (convict)
Gold, John (convict)
Goldfinch, Thomas (convict)
Goldingay, John (convict)
Goldsmith, John (convict)
Gooding, George (convict)
Gordon, Joure (convict)
Gough, Thomas (convict)
Grainger, Thomas (convict)
Grant, John (convict)
Grant, William (convict)
Gray, John (convict)
Green, James (convict)
Gregory, Joseph (convict)
Gregory, Mary (convict)
Gregory, Thomas (convict)
Griffiths, Ann (convict)
Griffiths, David (convict)
Griffiths, John (convict)
Griffiths, John (convict)
Griffiths, William (convict)
Griggs, Sarah (convict)
Grist, John (convict)
Grocer, William (convict)
Grosvenor, William (convict)
Groves, Thomas (convict)
Gurk, Francis (convict)
Guy, Robert (convict)
Gynn, Edward (convict)
Hacket, Robert (convict)
Haggar, Thomas (convict)
Hall, Stephen (convict)
Hammonds, Thomas (convict)
Hanchard, Daniel (convict)
Hand, William (convict)
Handley, Francis (convict)
Hands, Daniel (convict)
Hands, Edward (convict)
Hands, James (convict)
Hands, John (convict)
Hanley, John (convict)
Hanson, William (convict)
Hara, John (convict)
Harding, Samuel (convict)
Harding, Samuel (convict)
Hardinge, John (convict)
Hardy, Francis (convict)
Harris, Francis (convict)
Harris, Jaspar (convict)
Harris, John (convict)
Harris, Thomas (convict)
Harris, William (convict)
Harris, William (convict)
Harrop, Richard (convict)
Hartington, John (convict)
Hawkins, Edward (convict)
Hawkins, Elizabeth (convict)
Hawkins, Hannah (convict)
Hawthorn, Richard (convict)
Hay, Michael (convict)
Hayes, John (convict)
Hayne, Nicholas (convict)
Haynes, Richard (convict)
Hayrick, Thomas (convict)
Hayward, Robert (convict)
Hayward, Thomas (convict)
Heathcote, Rebecca (convict)
Hemming, Thomas (convict)
Henley, Thomas (convict)
Henly, Daniel (convict)
Henwell, Thomas (convict)
Herbert, Joseph (convict)
Herbert, Peter (convict)
Heswell, James (convict)
Hicks, Richard (convict)
Higgins, Arthur (convict)
Higgins, Thomas (convict)
Higgins, William (convict)
Hill, James (convict)
Hill, Thomas (convict)
Hindley, John (convict)
Hiorne, John (convict)
Hisburn, Richard (convict)
Hitchcock, William (convict)
Hix, Robert (convict)
Hobson, William (convict)
Hocking, Thomas (convict)
Hogan, Edward (convict)
Holding, James (convict)
Holland, Thomas (convict)
Hollick, William (convict)
Hollingsworth, Richard (convict)
Holt, Thomas (convict)
Holton, Charles (convict)
Holton, William (convict)
Hooper, William (convict)
Hornsby, James (convict)
Hosier, Mathew (convict)
Howard, Robert (convict)
Howell, Samuel (convict)
Howitt, John (convict)
Hufton, Paul (convict)
Hughes, John (convict)
Hughes, Thomas (convict)
Hughes, Thomas (convict)
Hunt, James (convict)
Hunt, John (convict)
Hunter, William (convict)
Hurwell, John (convict)
Hyde, Joseph (convict)
Icom, Samuel (convict)
Ince, Joseph (convict)
Inman, John (convict)
Intosh, John (convict)
Inwood, Philip (convict)
Ipic, Thomas (convict)
Ireland, Elizabeth (convict)
Jackson, John (convict)
Jackson, Samuel (convict)
Jacobs, Abraham (convict)
Jacobs, James (convict)
James, Richard (convict)
Jeffrey, Joseph (convict)
Jenkins, Carter (convict)
Jenkins, William (convict)
Jenkinson, Joseph (convict)
Jennings, John (convict)
Johnson, James (convict)
Johnson, John (convict)
Johnson, Richard (convict)
Johnson, Simon (convict)
Johnson, Thomas (convict)
Johnson, Thomas (convict)
Johnson, William (convict)
Joiner, Henry (convict)
Jones, David (convict)
Jones, David (convict)
Jones, Edward (convict)
Jones, Elizabeth (convict)
Jones, Grace (convict)
Jones, James (convict)
Jones, James (convict)
Jones, John (convict)
Jones, John (convict)
Jones, John (convict)
Jones, John (convict)
Jones, Joseph (convict)
Jones, Luke (convict)
Jones, Margaret (convict)
Jones, Mary (convict)
Jones, Richard (convict)
Jones, Robert (convict)
Jones, Thomas (convict)
Jones, Thomas (convict)
Jones, Thomas (convict)
Joy, Richard (convict)
Juniper, William (convict)
Kay, William (convict)
Kearns, James (convict)
Keate, Thomas (convict)
Keele, Richard (convict)
Keeling (convict)
Kelley, Lawrence (convict)
Kelly, Daniel (convict)
Kent, George (convict)
Kincaird, David (convict)
Kindling, Daniel (convict)
King, Charles (convict)
King, George (convict)
King, Henry (convict)
King, Thomas (convict)
King, Thomas (convict)
Kitson, Joseph (convict)
Knight, William (convict)
Knight, William (convict)
Knott, James (convict)
Knowland, Charles (convict)
Lacey, John (convict)
Lake, Thomas (convict)
Lake, Thomas (convict)
Lancaster, Robert (convict)
Lane, George (convict)
Lane, Thomas (convict)
Langdon, Thomas (convict)
Langley, John (convict)
Langley, Samuel (convict)
Larcombe, John (convict)
Larkman, Peter (convict)
Latham, David (convict)
Lavinder, Simon (convict)
Lawton, Henry (convict)
Leary, Mary (convict)
Lee, Abraham (convict)
Lee, George (convict)
Lester, Thomas (convict)
Lethbridge, John (convict)
Levell, John (convict)
Lewis, John (convict)
Lewis, John (convict)
Lewis, Thomas (convict)
Ley, Isaac (convict)
Lilley, William (convict)
Lillie, Nathaniel (convict)
Lindsay, Ephraim (convict)
Ling, Richard (convict)
Linsley, Elizabeth (convict)
Littlehales, Richard (convict)
Loake, Thomas (convict)
Lock, Matthew (convict)
Loft, John (convict)
Long, William (convict)
Longford, John (convict)
Lovegrove, James (convict)
Lovelace, John (convict)
Lowe, Hugh (convict)
Lowe, Robert (convict)
Lowe, Robert (convict)
Lumber, Isaac (convict)
Luxton, Thomas (convict)
Lynch, Alice (convict)
Mackenzie, John (convict)
Madell, John (convict)
Maggs, George (convict)
Maisey, William (convict)
Manlove, Sarah (convict)
Manton, Broughton (convict)
Manypenny, Richard (convict)
Mapp, Luke (convict)
Marks, William (convict)
Markwell, Thomas (convict)
Marshall, Daniel (convict)
Martin, Charles (convict)
Martin, John (convict)
Martin, John (convict)
Martin, William (convict)
Maskew, John (convict)
Mason, Hall (convict)
Mason, John (convict)
Mason, William (convict)
Matthews, Isaac (convict)
Matthews, James (convict)
Matthews, Thomas (convict)
May, James (convict)
Maynard, Samuel (convict)
Mayo, Elizabeth (convict)
Mayrick, Edward (convict)
Meacham, William (convict)
Mears, John (convict)
Medlicott, William (convict)
Meredith, Ann (convict)
Merrick, Joseph (convict)
Mersey, Betty (convict)
Messinger, Thomas (convict)
Metcalfe, James (convict)
Metcalfe, John (convict)
Meyers, John (convict)
Michaels, Michael (convict)
Middlemass, John (convict)
Miles, Thomas (convict)
Miller, Daniel (convict)
Miller, James (convict)
Miller, John (convict)
Millett, John (convict)
Mishan, William (convict)
Mitchell, Mary (convict)
Moggeridge, George (convict)
Mooding, William (convict)
Moore, Thomas (convict)
Morgan, James (convict)
Morgan, John (convict)
Morgan, John (convict)
Morgan, Martha (convict)
Morgan, Mary (convict)
Morgan, Thomas (convict)
Morley, Joseph (convict)
Morley, Richard (convict)
Morris, David (convict)
Morris, George (convict)
Morrison, Thomas (convict)
Morrison, Thomas (convict)
Morton, Phillip (convict)
Morton, William (convict)
Mossell, Joseph (convict)
Moulsey, John (convict)
Muggeridge, William (convict)
Muilman, John (convict)
Mulloy, Jane (convict)
Mumford, James (convict)
Mumford, William (convict)
Murphy, James (convict)
Murrell, Robert (convict)
Murry, John (convict)
Nadan, George (convict)
Naggs, Elizabeth (convict)
Namara, Michael (convict)
Nasper, Francis (convict)
Neale, John (convict)
Neale, John (convict)
Nealer, James (convict)
Neve, Margaret (convict)
Newby, Thomas (convict)
Newett, John (convict)
Nobe, Thomas (convict)
Nowland, Michael (convict)
Nugent, James (convict)
Oakley, John (convict)
Oakley, Joseph (convict)
Oats, John (convict)
Oddy, Thomas (convict)
Okey, James (convict)
Olden, Joseph (convict)
Orman, William (convict)
Orme, Nicholas (convict)
Osborne, William (convict)
Osmond, John (convict)
Owen, Thomas (convict)
Owens, Joseph (convict)
Pace, John (convict)
Pagett, James (convict)
Paild, Edward (convict)
Palmer, Henry (convict)
Palmer, John (convict)
Palmer, William (convict)
Parker, George (convict)
Parker, Thomas (convict)
Parsons, Anselon (convict)
Partern, Joseph (convict)
Pass, Charles (convict)
Pawson, William (convict)
Payne, Abraham (convict)
Payne, Peter (convict)
Peacock, Thomas (convict)
Pearce, William (convict)
Pease, John (convict)
Pedlar (convict)
Penn, Joseph (convict)
Pentecross, Joseph (convict)
Perkins, Edward (convict)
Peters, James (convict)
Peters, Thomas (convict)
Philips, Thomas (convict)
Phillips, Samuel (convict)
Phillips, Sarah (convict)
Phillips, Thomas (convict)
Phillis, John (convict)
Phipps, Solomon (convict)
Phyew, Edward (convict)
Pidgeon, Samuel (convict)
Pimlett, William (convict)
Place, John (convict)
Plimshole, Abraham (convict)
Pocter, Richard (convict)
Poddy, William (convict)
Polock, Samuel (convict)
Pool, Joseph (convict)
Porter, George (convict)
Porter, Thomas (convict)
Potter, Samuel (convict)
Poynton, William (convict)
Prentice, William (convict)
Price, John (convict)
Price, Thomas (convict)
Priest, Thomas (convict)
Priest, William (convict)
Prince, Hannah (convict)
Proctor (convict)
Pryor, John (convict)
Pugh, William (convict)
Pullen, James (convict)
Quarman, Robert (convict)
Quinton, John (convict)
Rand, James (convict)
Ranson, Thomas (convict)
Rasberry, Phillip (convict)
Rassell, Robert (convict)
Raynard, Henry (convict)
Reay, Joseph (convict)
Reddy, Matthew (convict)
Redfearne, Joseph (convict)
Redford, John (convict)
Redman, John (convict)
Reid, William (convict)
Repeat, John (convict)
Rewell, Thomas (convict)
Reynolds, Thomas (convict)
Rice, Elizabeth (convict)
Rice, John (convict)
Richard, Christopher (convict)
Richards, Joseph (convict)
Richards, William (convict)
Richardson, Anthony (convict)
Richardson, Peter (convict)
Richardson, William (convict)
Riches, James (convict)
Riley, Thomas (convict)
Risom, Elizabeth (convict)
Robbins, John (convict)
Roberts, John (convict)
Roberts, John (convict)
Roberts, William (convict)
Robinson, Thomas (convict)
Robley, John (convict)
Robnett, James (convict)
Robson, Joseph (convict)
Rogers, Benjamin (convict)
Rogers, John (convict)
Rogers, Thomas Charles (convict)
Ross, John Le (convict)
Rowe, John (convict)
Rowley, Thomas (convict)
Rowley, William (convict)
Rowling, John (convict)
Rudd, Thomas (convict)
Rudge, William (convict)
Rumble, Phillip (convict)
Rumming, Thomas (convict)
Ruse, Lionel (convict)
Ryall, John (convict)
Ryan, John (convict)
Sales, Martin (convict)
Salter, George (convict)
Sandwick, Eleanor (convict)
Sane, Joseph (convict)
Sansburn, George (convict)
Sargeant, Thomas (convict)
Sarra, James (convict)
Sarver, Thomas (convict)
Saunders, John (convict)
Savage, Abraham (convict)
Savage, Robert (convict)
Saxlebye, James (convict)
Saxon, Francis (convict)
Saxton, Joseph (convict)
Sayers, Henry (convict)
Scamp, Lazarus (convict)
Scince, James (convict)
Scott, James (convict)
Scott, Thomas (convict)
Scotts, William (convict)
Seabry, Peter (convict)
Seaper, John (convict)
Seaton, Alexander (convict)
Sellick, John (convict)
Seney, James (convict)
Shaw, George (convict)
Sheppard, George (convict)
Shipton, Thomas (convict)
Shirley, Thomas (convict)
Short, Joseph (convict)
Shrimpton, Richard (convict)
Shurburd, William (convict)
Sibley, James (convict)
Silvan, William (convict)
Silverthorn, James (convict)
Simpson, George (convict)
Simpson, William (convict)
Sindfield, William (convict)
Small, John (convict)
Smith, Ambrose (convict)
Smith, Ann (convict)
Smith, Benjamin (convict)
Smith, Charles (convict)
Smith, Charles (convict)
Smith, Elizabeth (convict)
Smith, George (convict)
Smith, James (convict)
Smith, James (convict)
Smith, James (convict)
Smith, John (convict)
Smith, John (convict)
Smith, John (convict)
Smith, Joseph (convict)
Smith, Nicholas (convict)
Smith, Oliver (convict)
Smith, Robert (convict)
Smith, Robert (convict)
Smith, Stephen (convict)
Smith, Thomas (convict)
Smith, Thomas (convict)
Smith, Thomas (convict)
Smith, William (convict)
Smith, William (convict)
Smith, William (convict)
Soan, William (convict)
Softley, Joseph (convict)
Solomons, Frederick (convict)
Solomons, Samuel (convict)
South, Elizabeth (convict)
Sparks, Benjamin (convict)
Spileye, Traverse (convict)
Steele, George (convict)
Steele, Robert (convict)
Stephenson, Thomas (convict)
Sterny, Francis (convict)
Stevenson, Samuel (convict)
Stevenson, William (convict)
Steward, John (convict)
Sticke, James (convict)
Stiles, James (convict)
Stiles, John (convict)
Stokes, Charles (convict)
Stone, George (convict)
Stone, James (convict)
Stone, William (convict)
Straker, Mathew (convict)
Strutton, John (convict)
Stuart, John (convict)
Stultz, Mary (convict)
Sulley, William (convict)
Summerland, Thomas (convict)
Sumpton, John (convict)
Suttle, Joseph (convict)
Sutton, William (convict)
Talbot, George (convict)
Tambrook, Joseph (convict)
Tarr, John (convict)
Taylor, John (convict)
Taylor, Joseph (convict)
Teague, John (convict)
Teasdale, Thomas (convict)
Teby, James (convict)
Thomas, David (convict)
Thomas, James (convict)
Thomas, John (convict)
Thomas, John (convict)
Thomas, John (convict)
Thomas, William (convict)
Thomas, William (convict)
Thompson, Charles (convict)
Thompson, James (convict)
Thompson, James (convict)
Thompson, Richard (convict)
Thompson, Robert (convict)
Thompson, Thomas (convict)
Thorn, Humphrey (convict)
Thorn, William (convict)
Thorne, Richard (convict)
Thrush, Thomas (convict)
Tilbrook, William (convict)
Timbrell, George (convict)
Todd, Henry (convict)
Tomlinson, Thomas (convict)
Tonge, William (convict)
Towers, Robert (convict)
Townsend, James (convict)
Townsend, John (convict)
Tranter, James (convict)
Treadwell, William (convict)
Tricker, Edmund (convict)
Tucker, James (convict)
Tucker, John (convict)
Tucker, John (convict)
Tucker, Jonothan (convict)
Tucker, Mary (convict)
Tuckwell, Thomas (convict)
Turner, Francis (convict)
Turner, Richard (convict)
Turton, Samuel (convict)
Turwood, John (convict)
Tyack, Joseph (convict)
Underwood, William (convict)
Usher, James (convict)
Vallance, Thomas (convict)
Venner, Boze (convict)
Wade, Elizabeth Ann (convict)
Wade, Richard (convict)
Wain, James (convict)
Walker, Samuel (convict)
Walter, William (convict)
Walters, John (convict)
Walters, Mary (convict)
Walton, Matthew (convict)
Ward, James (convict)
Ward, Joseph (convict)
Ward, William (convict)
Warren, Benjamin (convict)
Warton, William (convict)
Warwick, William (convict)
Watkins, Benjamin (convict)
Watkins, John (convict)
Watkins, Rachel (convict)
Watkins, William (convict)
Watson, John (convict)
Watson, William (convict)
Watts, James (convict)
Webb, Simon (convict)
Westwood, Edward (convict)
Westwood, James (convict)
Westwood, William (convict)
Wheeler, Ann (convict)
White, David (convict)
White, David (convict)
White, James (convict)
White, Mary (convict)
White, Thomas (convict)
Whitehouse, James (convict)
Whitehouse, Moses (convict)
Whitlam, Sarah (convict)
Wiegrass, George (convict)
Wildblood, Edward (convict)
Wilford, William (convict)
Wilkinson, James (convict)
Willcock, Ann (convict)
William, Edward (convict)
Williams, Catherine (convict)
Williams, John (convict)
Williams, John (convict)
Williams, Mary (convict)
Williams, Robert (convict)
Willis, Sarah (convict)
Wilmott, Thomas (convict)
Wilshire, John (convict)
Wilson, Alexander (convict)
Wilson, James (convict)
Wilson, James (convict)
Wilson, John (convict)
Wilson, Joseph (convict)
Wilson, Mary (convict)
Winbow, John (convict)
Wins, Edward (convict)
Winship, William (convict)
Winston, Thomas (convict)
Wiseman, John (convict)
Withers, Robert (convict)
Wood, Elizabeth (convict)
Wood, George (convict)
Wood, James (convict)
Wood, John (convict)
Wood, John (convict)
Wood, William (convict)
Wood, William (convict)
Woodger, Charles (convict)
Woodham, Edward (convict)
Woodham, James (convict)
Woodham, Nathaniel (convict)
Wooley, Joseph (convict)
Wright, David (convict)
Wright, John (convict)
Wright, John (convict)
Wright, Joseph (convict)
Wright, Thomas (convict)
Wright, William (convict)
York, Henry (convict)
Young, John (convict)
Young, Michael (convict)

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