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The Biography Workshop was established by the National Centre of Biography in response to requests by practitioners, students and readers of biography for a forum to discuss a range of methodological issues relating to biography. The group considers recent and long-standing questions about biography.

As Ray Monk and others have pointed out, there is an expanding body of academic literature on biography which asks some of the same questions that Dr Samuel Johnson addressed in his two famous essays on biography Rambler (1750) and Idler (1759):

Is biography fiction?

Who deserves to have a biography written of them?
What details are appropriate to be included in a biography? 

Is it possible to know with certainty the inner life of another?
What are the moral or ethical responsibilities of biographers towards subjects, social sensitivities and the truth?

The Biography Workshop meets at 11 am to about 12.30 pm at the ANU and offers the opportunity for informal and relaxed discussion with some of Australia's best biographers in a stimulating environment.

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please contact us at

Workshops 2021

11 March 2021 - Russell McGregor: Idling in Green Places, Or Pinning Down a Naturalist

Past events

Ann-Marie Priest: The Many Voices of Gwen Harwood

29 Jul 2021

Ann-Marie Priest, My Tongue Is my Own: The Many Voices of Gwen Harwood Gwen Harwood was known as the trickster-poet. She was enamoured of masks and disguises...

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Jacqueline Kent: Biography - some things they don't tell you ...

17 Jun 2021

This talk will be in two parts. Drawing on my own experience as a biographer, I’d like to go through some of the pitfalls of researching and writing biography...

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Alan Roberts: William Robert Wake

27 May 2021

Alan Roberts — Writing the Biography of an 18th Century Church of England Clergyman: William Robert Wake The clergyman William Robert Wake (1755–1830) was not...

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Deep Time Dreaming: A Biographical Reflection

29 Apr 2021

In 2018 I published a book on the lives and times of a handful of Australian archaeologists, including John Mulvaney, Isabel McBryde, Rhys Jones and Sylvia...

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Idling in Green Places

11 Mar 2021

Idling in Green Places: Or Pinning Down a Naturalist Alec Chisholm (1890-1977) was a self-educated polymath of a kind that has since vanished from Australia’s...

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In Pursuit of the Red Witch: Revising the Mythologies of Katharine Susannah Prichard

28 Oct 2020

Katharine Susannah Prichard (1883-1969) wrote thirteen novels chronicling communities and industries around Australia, including the landmarks Working Bullocks...

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Half the Perfect World: Writers, Dreamers and Drifters on Hydra, 1955-1964

12 Aug 2020

This seminar will address the story of Charmian Clift and George Johnston, a power couple of Australian literature in the mid-20th century, who are the focus...

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Cassandra Pybus: Truganini

12 Mar 2020

Australian author and historian Cassandra Pybus will discuss her soon-to-be published book Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse. The Indigenous museum...

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Lawrence Goldman: Robert Peel

31 Oct 2019

Peel: One British Prime Minister and Four Personalities Robert Peel was Conservative prime minister briefly in the 1830s and then again between 1841 and 1846...

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Patrick Mullins: Reflections on Tiberius with a Telephone

26 Sep 2019

Monash University academic James Walter once wrote that it is common for biographers to dive into their work, encounter the typical, everyday issues of...

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