Emotions in Research Workshop

Forthcoming events

Ann Curthoys Room (2108), Coombs Bldg, 12–1pm.

16 November 2016
Christine Wallace (History & National Centre of Biography, CASS)
Emotion & the 2016 US Presidential Election

Introductory reading list

A bibliography of preliminary studies, journals, and organisational websites. The list is interdisciplinary although there is an emphasis on historical studies. Suggestions for additions welcome to Tania Colwell.

Past events


5 October
Renata Grossi (College of Law)
Law and Emotion

7 September
Les Hetherington (History, CASS)
Emotions and History: Grief

10 August 
Fiona Sweet Formiatti (Classics, CASS)
The Transformation of Ransom into xeinion: The Talking Therapy of Priam and Akhilleus (Il. 24)

27 July
Gian Marco Farese (Linguistics, CASS)
L’italiano in musica: An Interdisciplinary Study in Semantics, Musicology and Emotions

4 May
Andrew Glickson (School of Archaeology and Anthropology, RSH and CASS; Research School of Earth Science, CPMS)
Discussion on Emotions and the Environment

2 March
Fiona Fraser (Music and History, CASS)
“Fiery” and “Aggressive” Piano Playing and the Refinement of Musical Taste in Early Twentieth-Century Sydney


4 November 
Alan Jones (Anthropology and Linguistics, ANU and Macquarie)
Humiliated Shame and the Shame-Anger Nexus. Why Some Mekeo Emotion Terms are Untranslatable

7 October
Rebecca Jones (History, CASS)
The Feeling of Drought

3 September 
Laurajane Smith (Centre of Heritage and Museum Studies, CASS)
Affective Experiences: The Embodied Performances of Heritage Making

5 August
Gian Marco Farese (Linguistics, CASS)
The Cultural Semantics of the Japanese keyword haji (“shame”)

3 June
Julie Hotchin (History, CASS)
Discussion of Giovanna Colombetti’s embodied/extended mind theory

13 May
Tania Colwell (History, CASS)
Emotives and Emotional Regimes

8 April
Christine Wallace (History, & National Centre of Biography, CASS)
An Emotional Debt


5 November
Anna Wierzbicka (Linguistics, CASS)
Exploring Emotions from a Non-Anglocentric and Non-Chronocentric Perspective

23 October
Sarah Randles (History, University of Melbourne)
Sacred Place, Contested Space: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Chartres

6 August 
Keith Dowding (Political Science, CASS)
Emotional Appeals in Politics and Deliberation

2 July
Keith Dowding (Political Science, CASS)
Discussion of Michael A. Neblo’s work on emotion and deliberative theory

4 June 
Tania Colwell (History, CASS)
Discussion of Monique Scheer, ‘Are Emotions a Kind of Practice (and Is That What Makes Them Have a History)? A Bourdieuian Approach to Understanding Emotion’, History and Theory, 51 (2012): 193–220

2 April 
Karen Downing (History, CASS)
Discussion of Thomas Dixon, ‘''Emotion'': The History of a Keyword in Crisis’, Emotion Review 4 (2012):  338–44

5 March
Rebecca Jones (History, CASS)
Discussion of Susan J. Matt, ‘Current Emotion Research in History: or, Doing Research from the Inside Out’, Emotion Review,  3 (2011): 117–24

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