The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front (HIST2206)

The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front (HIST2206) is an undergraduate course offered by the School of History, and led by world authority on the commemoration of war, Professor Bruce Scates.

This course offers you a rich and unique experience engaging with history and the cultural institutions that tell that history. You will enjoy the rewarding opportunity of travel across the UK, France, Belgium and Turkey, working with friends and peers in the field, all while earning academic credit and accelerating your degree. Students describe this course as ‘definitely the best experience of studying at ANU’.

The course centres on an 18-day intensive study tour retracing Australia's war across Gallipoli and the Western Front. Students will reconstruct several major battles of World War I in the places they were fought, examine the ways diverse interests claim a place in a commemorative landscape, assess the making of memorials by all belligerent nations, and consider both the campaigns and the experience of war behind the lines, in particular the interaction of troops and nurses with the civilian population. Touring some of the world’s best war museums, we’ll consider the many challenges involved in representing, exhibiting and ‘remembering’ war, ask how Anzac is ‘marked’ overseas and explore the politics of remembrance charting the ways that commemorative cultures change over time. Download the course brochure for more information.

This course will commence with a pre-departure briefing on Friday 26 May (5.00-7.00pm) and a visit to the Australian War Memorial on Saturday 27 May 2023 (9.30am-1.00am). The Anzac Battlefield Study Tour itself will be held from 19 June-6 July 2023. Overseas teaching will take place in the UK, Turkey, Belgium and France.

For further details (including information about student travel loans and subsidies) contact the course convenor, Professor Bruce Scates.

Places for this course are strictly limited so get in touch today!


Study Support

The College of Arts and Social Sciences recognises the importance of study opportunities like this. We also recognise the financial demands on students particularly at this time. To help students enjoy opportunities like this, we provide support, please enquire with the course convenor or Scholarship and Prizes Officer for more information.

CASS Study Tour and Field Trip Travel Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates and which cities and places will I visit?

This course will commence with a pre-departure briefing on Friday 26 May (5.00pm-7.00pm) and a visit to the Australian War Memorial on Saturday 27 May 2023 (9.30am-1.00am). The Anzac Battlefield Study Tour itself will be held from 24 June-10 July 2023. Overseas teaching will take place in the UK, Turkey, Belgium and France.

What will we do, where will we go?

We will walk the ground on which the Great War was fought. We’ll visit the museums that interrogate the memory of the war that changed the world. And we’ll engage with history in the places history was made in a 18-day intensive study tour that retraces Australia’s war across Gallipoli and the Western Front.

We begin in London where Westminster frames an imperial metropolis and Edwin Lutyens’ iconic commemorative landscape. In two days in the UK, students will explore the galleries of the Imperial War Museum, the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park, Wren's St Clement Danes church (site of some of the first Anzac Day commemorations), Australia House, and King's College London (host both to War Studies and the Menzies Australia Institute).

Students will then relocate to Canakkale on the straits of the Dardanelles, the epicentre of both the Trojan wars and the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign. Over four days students will reconstruct the battles of 1915, charting the old front line through the gullies and across the ridges. We will also examine the ways Turkish, Australian, New Zealand, French, and Imperial authorities claim a place in this vast commemorate landscape. This part of our study tour includes a day excursion to the ruins of ancient Troy.

The final phase of the program moves to the Western Front. All Australia’s major campaigns will be examined, as will the experience of war behind the lines, in particular the interaction of troops and nurses with the civilian population. Again, there will be a focus on commemorative landscapes, the making of memorials (by all combatant nations) and a detailed interrogation of the major museums in both Flanders and the Somme. Here you will meet with the creators of ‘In Flanders Fields’ Museum in Ieper and you’ll hear about an ANU internship program that offers further opportunities to work and study in Europe.

Our journey will conclude in Paris at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

What if I want to travel in Europe before or after the tour?

Not a problem. Students will make their own way to London, tailoring their outward and return journey (from Paris) to suit their personal preferences. All you need to do is join the group for the first day teaching in the lobby of the Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Victoria, 2 Bridge Place, Pimlico, London. The course begins at 9.00am on Monday 19 June. Tim at WOW! Travel is available to assist you with flights and also pre & post - tour accommodation.

What will this degree count for, how can it fit into my degree and what are the prerequisites?

This is an intensive unit that will earn 12 Units towards your degree. We welcome students from all disciplinary backgrounds, so you need not be enrolled in a History major to undertake this course. It counts towards a History Major may also count towards electives in your program of study (provided you have space for electives). Please seek advice form CASS Student Office if you are unsure. It is also intended that Hist2206 will be able to count towards a Major in War Studies and there is now a waiver in place to permit students taking a Wars Major to enrol in this Course. You need to have completed 36 units towards your degree at the ANU to enrol in this course, but admission can be approved by the Course Convenor in other circumstances (eg students who have completed 24 units at first year at the ANU and will have completed 12 more units before departing for overseas).

What if I’m not an ANU student?

Students may also apply from approved universities in Australia, but final acceptance for the program will be at the discretion of the course convenor and your home institution. Priority will be given to ANU students.

What will the assessment tasks involve?

Anzac Battlefields and Beyond takes teaching and learning out of the classroom. Assessment has been tailored to take advantage of teaching and learning ‘in the field’, engaging with places and objects of immense historical interest. There is a strong component of collaborative learning (through group work), an opportunity for you to draw on your own skills and interests and (although most of the assessment will be completed abroad) a chance to reflect on your experience on your return to Australia. Specific assessment will include:

  • In-country presentations (1000 words each) 20% each - total 40%
    The first in-country presentation is divided into two parts, and focuses on the Imperial War Museum; the second in-country presentation is divided into four parts, encompassing sites in UK, Turkey, Belgium and France. These exercises will involve a mix of group work and individual endeavour.
  • Course diary (3000 words) 20%
    This diary will be the narrative of your journey across this memory landscape. It will be kept during your time overseas and can provide an additional resource for your research paper.
  • Research paper (4000 words) 40%
    Although you will have completed much of the research and readings for this project before we return to Australia, you are not required to submit the major essay until a month after our return. The research essay will compare and contrast sites and museums we have visited in the course of our tour, focusing on galleries/exhibitions/commemorative landscapes that you found of particular interest.


Who will teach the course?

Professor Bruce Scates is a world authority on both the Western Front and Gallipoli. He has several awards for teaching excellence at university and state level and is the (co) recipient of an Australian Award for Teaching Excellence. Bruce has led tours of the Anzac Battlefields for over a decade and was the historian appointed to lead the Victorian Premier’s Anzac Tours. This tour may also draw on expertise from other ANU historians, colleagues from the Menzies Australia Institute at King’s College London and staff attached to leading cultural institutions overseas (including the Imperial War Museum (UK), the Historial in France and In Flanders Fields Museum in Belgium).

Joining the course will be two Field Assistants. They will have no formal teaching responsibilities but will assist with tour logistics and play a special role providing additional pastoral care to students. The Field Assistants will be either ANU students or recent graduates of the ANU.

Are there preliminary readings/activities?

We understand that most students will be committed to course work for other subjects in the first semester, so preliminary readings will be kept to a minimum. Readings (and other helpful resources) will be distributed via the course Wattle site.

Are there any personal circumstances that might prevent me joining the course?

This course will involve walking across sometimes challenging terrain (especially on the Gallipoli peninsula). You must have a reasonable level of fitness to undertake this course. You must report any allergies (or any disability/condition that might affect your learning) to the course convenor when you lodge the expression of interest below.

Are there any other requirements for overseas travel?

A valid passport, obviously, with at least six months before its expiry date.

Students travelling on Australian passports need to apply for a visa to travel to Turkey. This is the site to access:

Students travelling on other passports are required to obtain visas for all the countries we visit and must allow sufficient time for the visa to be processed. All students must be enrolled in the course and must have completed the ANU Travel form and received approval before commencing the course.

Do I need to take out travel insurance?

Any ANU student is covered (on the completion of the relevant forms) by ANU travel insurance at NO COST TO THEMSELVES. These forms (which include a statement of any pre-existing medical conditions) must be completed by May 2023. Eligible students accepted from other universities will be responsible for taking out their own insurance and the course convenor will outline options for the same.

Are there safety issues I should be aware of?

The University’s first priority is your personal well-being and safety. This course will avoid any place where students may be put at serious risk and ANU staff will continuously monitor DFAT safety warnings. We will proceed directly to Gallipoli on our arrival in Turkey and there may be unscheduled changes to the itinerary in the light of DFAT travel warnings. Students will be briefed on maintaining health and personal safety at the orientation session. All students undertaking this course must be fully vaccinated against COVID.

What are the tuition fees associated with this course?

This course will incur the same tuition fee of any 12unit course offered in history at the ANU, no more, no less. Refer to Programs and Courses website for domestic and international tuition fees.

What are the additional fees associated with this course and what does this additional fee cover?

In addition to the standard tuition fee, students will be required to pay an additional travel fee which will cover all accommodation and most land transport, travel from the UK to the continent, all museum entries, some meals in transit and all meals on the Gallipoli Peninsula. It covers the cost of a driver and the Turkish guide (required by Turkish law) on the Peninsula and provides a farewell group dinner in Paris. This fee will be $5190 (based on 26 students enrolling and twin share accommodation). This price may vary very slightly and you will be notified of any changes.

Is there any financial assistance I can assess?

Domestic students may be eligible to take out an OS HELP loan to enable this overseas travel. Please refer to the Australian government website:

You may also be eligible for a travel grant from the college. This is a one off payment of (up to) $3500. Please refer to the College Travel Grants Website:

Finally, students can stagger payments of the $5190 fee over 10 scheduled payments.

All such payments will be made through the approved agent for this course, WOW! Travel.

Can I get help organising my flights to and from Europe?

Yes. WOW! Travel can organise flights at a competitive cost, taking advantage of any group fares should students wish to travel together. Organising your flights to and from Europe is your responsibility (allowing students maximum flexibility in when, where and how they travel). We urge you to book your flight to Europe as soon as possible to get the best available fare.

Will my travel and accommodation be comfortable?

Yes. All flights are arranged through reliable and reputable airlines. Modern 45 seater buses, with ample room and air-conditioning have been charted for travel through Turkey, the UK, France and Belgium.

Accommodation is in twin share rooms and is of 4-star standard in London, Ieper, Lille, Amiens and Paris. On Gallipoli, we will stay at the Kum . Kum means sand in Turkish and this modest resort is located – literally on the shores of the Aegean. It is within 10 minutes drive of the Gallipoli peninsula, avoiding lengthy transit time across the Dardanelles.

Where exactly are we staying so I can check out these sites (if I wish to) on line?

Our hotels (in order of visitation) are:

  • The Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Victoria
    2 Bridge Place, Pimlico, London SW1V 1QA, UK
    Tel: +44 20 7834 8123
  • Kum Hotel
    Kabatepe, Gallipoli, Turkey
    Tel: +90 286 814 14 55
  • Albion Hotel
    St Jacobs Straat 28, 8900 Ieper
    Tel: +32(0)57 200 220
  • Novotel Lille Centre Grand Place Hotel
    116, rue de L’Hospital Militaire, Lille
    Tel: +33 (0) 3 28 38 53 62
  • Hotel Moxy
    29/33 rue Paul Tellier 80 000 AMIENS
    Tel: +33 (0) 6 42 85 72 67
  • Hôtel Opéra Faubourg
    49, rue La Fayette 75009 Paris
    Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 85 78 14

Are places limited?

Absolutely. To deliver quality teaching, and to protect the fragile landscapes and heritage value of all our destinations, this course is capped at a maximum of 26 students. For the 2023 tour places will be allocated on a first in, first served basis.

What do I do to secure my place on the Anzac Battlefields and Beyond Study Tour for 2023?

To secure a place, you must do three things.

1. Register an expression of interest as soon as possible. The EOI can take the form of a simple email reading

"I, YOUR NAME, wish to reserve a place on Hist2206: The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond in 2023. I understand that the course will be conducted from 19 June - 6 July and undertake to participate in all class activities outlined in ANU Programs and Courses for Hist2206 during that time. I also undertake to attend the predeparture lecture and orientation session at the Australian War Memorial on 29/30 May. I am in good health and have/will acquire a passport (and any required visas) enabling travel to sites overseas. I have completed/will complete 36 units of ANU courses towards my degree or made comparable progress in Study Programs offered by another approved university. I am happy to have my name included on a group email of prospective students.

Please forward this email to Professor Bruce Scates [] ASAP and no later than 1 December 2022. Please include the subject heading Anzac Battlefield and Beyond.

2. Undertake the first in a schedule of payments for the course fee of $5190 As noted above, this fee is in addition to the standard tuition fee and will cover all accommodation and most land transport, travel from the UK to the continent, all museum entries, some meals in transit and all meals on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

The first payment of $500 is due no later than 20 November 2022 (but can be made earlier if you wish). The payment can be made through the approved travel agent for this course, WOW! Travel. [email].PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO THE FIRST STUDENTS MAKING THIS PAYMENT.

3. Enrol in the course via ISIS when enrolments open for Autumn session 2023.
In the unlikely event of the course not being offered in 2023, this $500 will be refunded in full by 1 March 2023. In March 2023 a decision will be made if the course is proceeding that year. Students are again advised that they can take a loan against their HELP loan to pay for in-country courses such as this and that there is generous financial support available from the College for students in need.


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The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front


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