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Dance hall & picture palace: Sydney's romance with modernity

Author/editor: Professor Jill Matthews

Year published: 2005

This book paints Sydney between the depressions of the 1890s and the 1930s as a prosperous city riding an international wave of modernism. In the pub, parlour and pulpit, people clashed over the significance of moving pictures, jazz, new dance...

Gentility and the Comic Theatre of Late Stuart London

Author/editor: Dr Mark Dawson

Year published: 2005

Where Adam delved and Eve span Who was then the gentleman? Mark Dawson's approach to this riddle is not to study the lives of those said to belong to early modern England's gentry. He suggests we remain skeptical of all answers to this...

Fireside Politics: Radio and Political Culture in the United States 1920-1940

Author/editor: Dr Douglas Craig

Year published: 2005

In Fireside Politics, Douglas B. Craig provides the first detailed and complete examination of radio's changing role in American political culture between 1920 and 1940 -- the medium's golden age, when it commanded huge national audiences...

Writing histories of difference: new histories of nation and empire

Author/editor: Department publications

Year published: 2005

 In her Allan Martin Lecture for 2005, Catherine Hall focuses on the writing of national histories in nineteenth-century Britain. Through the life of Thomas Babington Macaulay, the most celebrated historian of nineteenth-century England,...

Many Exchanges:archaeology, history, community and the work of Isabel McBryde

Author/editor: Ingereth Macfarlane

Year published: 2005

 This book celebrates the work of Isabel McBryde, a founder of the discipline of archaeology in Australia. She has been 'a prime mover in the appreciation and protection of our cultural heritage', as John Mulvaney writes in this volume...

Plantation Jamaica 1750 - 1850: Capital and Control in a Colonial Economy

Author/editor: Professor Barry Higman

Year published: 2005

 Plantation Jamaica analyses the important but neglected role of the attorneys who managed estates, chiefly for absentee proprietors, and assesses their efficiency and impact on Jamaica during slavery and freedom. Meticulous research based...

A Change in the Weather: Climate and Culture in Australia

Author/editor: Professor Tom Griffiths

Year published: 2005

 We live between weather and climate - between the daily experience of nature and our attempts to discern the patterns and regularities that define an Australian climate. In this land of extremes, where climatic variability is the norm, we are...

Mapping attachment: a spatial approach to Aboriginal post-contact heritage

Author/editor: Dr Maria Nugent

Year published: 2004

How do you live in a landscape that no longer belongs to you? Denis Byrne and Maria Nugent show how Aboriginal people in NSW 'possess' their local landscapes by imprinting them with their life stories, histories, memories and emotions. In...

The Artificial Horizon: Imagining the Blue Mountains

Author/editor: Dr Martin Thomas

Year published: 2004

'The blue curtain admits cliff-top spectacles of deeply worn valleys and sandstone outcrops. They are ancient and affecting, capable of prompting the most extreme reactions: they can move you to tears, or love, or even--quite literally--to death...

True Crime, True North: the Golden Age of Canadian Pulp Magazines

Author/editor: Dr Carolyn Strange

Year published: 2004

This lively book takes a loving look at the Canadian true crime pulps of the World War II era - their bold, brassy covers, spicy advertisements, and stories of murder, robbery, sex, and violence. With vivid archival images of both magazine covers...

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