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The Machine in America: A Social History of Technology

Author/editor: Professor Carroll Pursell

Year published: 2007

From the medieval farm implements used by the first colonists to the invisible links of the Internet, the history of technology in America is a history of society as well.  Arguing that "the tools and processes we use are a part of our...

Dimmeys of Richmond: The Rise and Fall of a Family Business

Author/editor: Dr Samuel Furphy

Year published: 2007

With forty stores and an established name in discount retailing, Dimmeys has been well known to bargain hunters for decades.  From its nineteenth century origins, however, it has evolved through various incarnations to become the store it is...

Culture in Translation: The anthropological legacy of R.H. Mathews

Author/editor: Dr Martin Thomas

Year published: 2007

R. H. Mathews (1841-1918) was an Australian-born surveyor and self-taught anthropologist. From 1893 until his death in 1918, he made it his mission to record all ‘new and interesting facts’ about Aboriginal Australia. Despite falling...

Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity

Author/editor: Professor Desley Deacon

Year published: 2007

 A large body of scholarship has suggested that the production and circulation of knowledge was fundamental to British Empire building. Rather than exploring colonial knowledge as a body of texts or through the lens of representation, this...

Speechmaking in Australia History

Author/editor: Department publications

Year published: 2007

 Allan Martin's two principal subjects as a historian, Sir Henry Parkes and Sir Robert Menzies, were both great orators. Among questions to be asked in this lecture are the following. When can a speech be said to have affected history? What...

Transgressions: critical Australian Indigenous histories

Author/editor: Ingereth Macfarlane

Year published: 2007

 This volume brings together an innovative set of readings of complex interactions between Australian Aboriginal people and colonisers. The underlying theme is that of 'transgression', and Michel Foucault's account of the necessary...

Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antactica

Author/editor: Professor Tom Griffiths

Year published: 2007

 In Earth's only true wilderness, the fundamentals to existence are exposed. To survive, you need food, you need warmth, and you need stories.   When you voyage to this Great South Land, you journey with more than a hundred years of...

Managing Diversity: Practices of Citizenship

Author/editor: Dr Nicholas Brown

Year published: 2007

This collection of essays explores how Canada, Ireland, and Australia seek to manage issues of diversity in their own societies in the context of the economic, political, and technological change and population mobility associated with globalization...

Botany Bay: Where histories meet

Author/editor: Dr Maria Nugent

Year published: 2006

Botany Bay is renowned as the site of Captain Cook's first landing on the east coast of New Holland in 1770, infamous as the place chosen by the British as a dumping ground for convicts, and celebrated as the birthplace of Australia. In this...

Alex Prentice Sewell (1909-2003) Author and Philanthropist

Author/editor: Dr Samuel Furphy

Year published: 2006

When walking around Alex Prentice Sewell's property 'Teamsters' Hill' in Toolangi, one regularly encounters a poem inscribed in wood, stone or metal.  A small plaque is fixed to a bridge over a fish pond in the beautiful garden...

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