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Settler Society in the Australian Colonies: Self-Government and Imperial Culture

Author/editor: Professor Angela Woollacott

Year published: 2015

Settler Society is a fresh look at the history of the Australian colonies from the 1820s to the 1860s, a foundational period when free settlers gradually overtook convicts, the colonies dramatically expanded their territorial control, and both...

Labour and the Great War: The Australian Working Class and the Making of Anzac

Author/editor: Associate Professor Frank Bongiorno

Year published: 2014

The working class was present at the birth of Anzac.  The labour movement was present at the birth of Anzac Day. This volume explores how workers, unionists and Labor politicians engaged with the meaning and legacy of the Great War both during...

In the Eye of the Beholder

Author/editor: Dr Barbara Dawson

Year published: 2014

This book offers a fresh perspective in the debate on settler perceptions of Indigenous Australians. It draws together a suite of little known colonial women (apart from Eliza Fraser) and investigates their writings for what they reveal about their...

Henry Prinsep’s Empire: Framing a distant colony

Author/editor: Dr Malcom Allbrook

Year published: 2014

Henry Prinsep is known as Western Australia's first Chief Protector of Aborigines in the colonoial government of Sir John Forrest, a period which saw the introduction of oppressive laws that dominated the lives of Aboriginal people for most of...

A History of Canberra

Author/editor: Dr Nicholas Brown

Year published: 2014

Designed as an 'ideal city' and emblen of the nation, Canberra has long been a source of ambivalence for many Australians.  In this charming and concise book, Nicholas Brown challenges these ideas and looks beyond the cliches to...

Representing Humanity in the Age of Enlightenment

Author/editor: Dr Alexander Cook

Year published: 2013

The Enlightenment era saw European thinkers increasingly concerned with what it meant to be human.  This was due at least in part to the increasing awareness of human diversity brought by exploration and travel to new domains. This collection...

Historia Zywnosci (Original Title: How Food Made History)

Author/editor: Professor Barry Higman

Year published: 2013

Food is at the center of life, and as such, it is a vital driver of cultural and political development. It is only recently that some societies gave started to enjoy food security and year-long abundance. By asking why we choose to eat what we eat,...

Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History

Author/editor: Dr Samuel Furphy

Year published: 2013

Edward M. Curr (1820-89) was a pastoralist, horse trader, stock inspector, Aboriginal administrator, author and ethnologist.  A prominent figure in the history of the Colony of Victoria, he rose to a senior position in the public service and...

Progressives at War: William G McAdoo and Newton D Baker, 1863-1941

Author/editor: Dr Douglas Craig

Year published: 2013

In this dual biography, Douglas B Craig examines the careers of two prominent American public figures, Newton Diehl Baker and William Gibbs McAdoo, whose lives spanned the era between the Civil War and World War II. Both Baker and McAdoo migrated...

History for the Australian Curriculum

Author/editor: Professor Angela Woollacott

Year published: 2012

Written by Australia's leading history educators, History for the Australian Curriculum is a comprehensive and compelling series for Years 7-10 that caters for the different learning styles and abilities in Australian classrooms without...

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